First Cut

The 39 poems, a selection from the work of several years, range widely, from the precisely-observed descriptive to the philosophical, from the lyrical to the (subtly) polemical, from moments captured to stories told. They share precision of language, clarity of expression, and a revealing of the deeply felt.


“One poem stopped me dead with its haunting music … Thank you, thank you for The Traveller, which rescued me for a moment from my bleak New York life. It has the glimmer of the mysteries I sensed in your landscape.” Edward Field.

Sunrise from Likavittos … a tale told with elegance and precision.” Ron Woollard New Hope International Review.

“This is a collection full of hidden treasures. Behind the deceptively simple exteriors of Walton’s poems there are complex interweavings of love and pain, and sudden shifts into the unconscious.” Jeremy Hilton Fire.

54 pages                  £6.50                  Available from

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